• Hand-dyed American flags sewn from U.S. military uniforms.

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Now you can display an American flag with a true story of service.


Every Uniform flag is dyed, sewn, framed, and shipped by our small-and-mighty team in Columbus, Ohio.


Our sublimation technique ensures these colors won’t run—you’ll have a patriotic display piece you can pass down for generations.


We're helping our veteran friends raise $100,000 for the Army Ranger Lead the Way Fund and are donating 100% of our profits to help them support veterans in need.

Available now: Handmade Uniform Flags from donated military fatigues 

use a donated uniform

Every uniform has a story—let it unfold with a Uniform Flag.

use your own uniform

Uniform flags carry true American spirit into your home or business—all in just 3 steps.


Choose your fabric

Send in your own uniform or have your Uniform Flag made from a donated one. (If using your own uniform, we’ll send you mail-in instructions.)


We’ll get to work

We hand-dye, sew, and frame every Uniform Flag with love and respect. This process takes 2-3 weeks, on average.



Every flag comes ready to hang, making it easy to display your artwork on your mantel, office walls, Zoom background, and more. 

Your Flag Makes an Impact

We’re a small team of veterans, artists, and military-proud families who care.

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How It's Made


All that's Good to Know

Where do the uniforms come from?

So far we've sourced donations from veteran friends in Ohio - turns out that everyone is like me and has a box of uniforms in their basement.

How does it work if I want to use a uniform of a family member?

Select the 'Submit Your Own' product and our team will reach out to you after purchase to provide you with a shipping label to send your uniform items to our shop.

Can I pick the camouflage style of my Uniform Flag?

Unfortunately no. We rely on donations so you might get US Army desert from the '90s or US Marines from present day. If there's a specific style you prefer, then please consider the 'Submit Your Own' option.

What size is the Uniform Flag?

We cut and sew our flags to fit inside 11" x 14" wooden frames.

Is this as kick-ass American cool in person as it looks online?


I have a question that apparently wasn't frequently asked. How do I get in touch with you?

Just send us an email to info@uniformflag.com and we'd be happy to help!